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Interview on WEAU TV13 NEWS, July 16, 2014 – Eau Claire, WI

Sandi talks about the understanding how our brain works and making our lives richer.




  • Normandy D-Day Museum Article
  • Leader-Telegram – Eau Claire, WI
    October 27, 2005
    This article, published in the Eau Claire Leader Telegram was one of a series of monthly columns for parents written and photographed by Sandra Stanton. For reprint rights, or to arrange another article written specifically for your publication, send an email to Sandi.
  • 5IVE for Women May-June 2012 “Digging for Hope”
  • Eau Claire Leader-Telegram, June 6, 2012 “Standing on Hallowed Ground”
  • Focus on the Family – September 2011 – Clubhouse Magazine Truth Pursuers “Brain Waves – Practice Makes Perfect”
  • October 2009 Teaching Today “Getting Restful Sleep-Naturally”
  • Senior Review August 2009 – “Indulge Your Funny Bone”
  • July 2009 Christian Writers’ Guild July online newsletter: Apprentice Publication Summaries
  • June 2009 Senior Review published “Getting Restful Sleep-Naturally”
  • March/April 2008 Fostering Families Today published my FEATURE article: “Music: A Parent’s Tool for Brain Development”
  • February 2008  Focus on the Family / Focus on Your Child-Discovery Years 4-7 published my (short) article: “Be a Friend”
  • Poetica Grandmatica 2007- 2008 (book of collected poetry) published my poem “To One Year Old Maya”
  • Educators as Writers, published in 2006
    Carol Smallwood, Ed., Peter Lang publisher
    4000 word chapter contributed to the book including these sections:

    • “Helpful Headlines”-writing for newspapers
    • “Sharing Stories” – writing for regional magazines
    • “Publishing Lesson Plans: Principle to Practical”
  • Wisconsin West Magazine, Eau Claire WI
    • March-April 2006 “The Brain at Work”
      (Brain Research Awareness Integration Network’s history and opportunities)
    • July-Aug 2005 “S.P.O.T.S. House: A Family Affair. Therapy Center focuses on Children and their Families.”
    • July-Aug 2004 “Soul Music, Chippewa Valley Style”
      (Valley Gospel Choir)
    • May-June 2004 “The Harp: Soothing the Mind and Body”
      (Profile: Paula Smith, School Psychologist and Harp Therapist)
    • March-April 2004 “Gifts from the Heart: Sally Krohn”
      (Profile: ALS support provided by occupational therapist polio victim)
    • Sept-Oct 2003 “Sweetwater’s, An Eau Claire Tradition”
      (Restaurant review)
    • July-Aug 2003 “Stantonworks: Downsized to a Harley-Davidson Upgrade”
      (Profile: Harley Davidson Centennial Artist)
    • July-Aug 2002 “Acupuncture: The part can never be well unless the whole is well.
    • March-April 2002 “Let Green Mill Increase Your Fun Factor”
      (Restaurant review)
    • Nov-Dec 2001 “Spinning a Northwood’s Peace
      (Nan Weiler, spinner of wool and wisdom)
  • Eau Claire Leader Telegram: Parenting Section
    • Jan 26, 2006 “Rest, assured…Sleep allows the brain to make sense of daily experiences, so parents should make sure children get plenty of it.”
      (Brain Tip #8 Sleep and Rest)
    • Dec 29,2005 “Tuned in to the brain …Music and movement occur together automatically, preparing children to learn language and math concepts.”
      (Brain Tip #7 Music)
    • Nov 24, 2005 “For babies to learn to feel safe and loved, beginning at birth, parents and their young ones need to…Keep in touch”
      (Brain Tip #6 Touch)
    • Oct. 26, 2005 “ When parents allow children to learn from their mistakes, rather than try to fix things for youngsters, they help to build a…Sense of Security”
      (Brain Tip #5 Security)
    • Sept. 29, 2005 “When parents talk with their young children or bring out books at bedtime, they’re helping the youngsters to learn…Language Skills”
    • August 26,2005 “Having fun turns on the brain, so parents need to recognize…Play as child’s work”
      (BRAIN Tip #3 Play and Exploration)(Brain Tip #4 Reading)
    • July 28, 2005 “The critical role of nutrition in the development of the brain should give parents…Food for thought.”
      (BRAIN Tip #2 Good Food)
    • June 30, 2005 “Through seeing, hearing and feeling, children Make Sense of the world around them.”
      (BRAIN Tip #1 Interaction)
    • Feb 24, 2005 “Unveiling Children’s Brains. Parents can do simple things to benefit youngsters’ development / Touch essential for children’s growth.”
      (BRAIN Tips overview)
  • Eau Claire Leader Telegram: Religion Section
    • March 5, 2005 Cultural Exchange. An Eau Claire woman visited a Thailand center that helps young women adjust to life outside their tribal villages but retain their heritage
    • October 15, 2005 “To China with Love:. An Eau Claire Counselor Serves at Christian School”
  • Family Profile:
      January 2005 Please Bury Me In A Cookie Pail:
      (Ethical Will of Alice Heglie)
    • Quality of Life Times – (Eau Claire Leader Telegram special publication)
      • Nov 2003 “Habits of Goodness — A tribute to Sister Francis Regis Dobiesz”
        (Profile Franciscan Nun)
      • Nov 2003 “Festive Finery In A Holiday Style –Threade Bear at the Buffington Museum”
    • ASCA School Counselor
      • Jan-Feb 2002 “Talking Circles: Native American Problem-Solving Circles Provide a Great Tool for Schools
    • Origins: A Newsletter for Educators
      • Winter 2002 “Play Fair: A Win-Win Student Leadership Playground Program”
    • While on the governing board and as President of the Wisconsin School Counselor Assn. I published numerous newsletter and other professional pieces, which are not here specified
    • June, 1983 Wisconsin Counselor Journal

      • “Give Other People Helpful. Enthusiastic. Reinforcement (G.O.P.H.E.R.): an elementary student recognition program.”
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