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Max Your Mind Video

Frustrated with your brain? Wishing you could remember where you put your car keys? Mature brains-those over 30-sometimes leave us stranded. Max Your Mind explains the process with humor and hope. … Read More

CVLA Interview Mind Maxing Conference

Hope you can join us to Max Your Mind on Saturday, October 6 at The Center (Day Retreat Center) Eau … Read More

Mind Maxing Conference

Bless the Boost shows us how the brain grows stronger as we age. Fight the Fade offers tips to slow the fade we experience through the years. We will focus on these through a morning and afternoon … Read More

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Brain Awareness Week: The brain accomplishes three vital tasks during sleep. Quick summary from the experts.

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Come see me on Wednesday at Prajna - pilates yoga beyond Brain Boosting Sleep February 20 | 11:00 - 11:45am Who knew your brain is especially busy while you're sleeping? Without solid sleep, we can feel muddle headed. Sleep hygiene is a "thing". Let's talk about ways to get the brain ready for the "night crew".

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