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Humor to Boost Business Climate

Successful businesses work hard to create a comfort zone for both customers and employees. How can we reduce the fear factor, increase productivity, encourage collaboration, enhance creativity and … Read More

Coloring Books, Grown-Up Style: the Trend and Brain Benefits

Special thanks to Sarah Stokes, the author of this article, originally published in the April 2016 Queen of the Castle Magazine. If you’ve walked into a bookstore in the past year, … Read More

L.E. Phillips Senior Center – 5 class series Max Your Mind class

We'd love to have you come and join our Max Your Mind class $40 will hold your spot and get you a signed copy of the book! Register at L.E.Phillips Senior Center Thursday April 7-May 5 2016 … Read More

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Tuning into your body is the key.

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Brain boosting for babies!

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