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You Know What I Mean

"Happy Diane" (front left) “You know what I mean…” “Happy Diane” would say that with a wave of her hand when she got stuck trying to come up with a word. Funny how those little things bring a … Read More

A Reflection on Grief

How was it possible that I identified with the dry, curled up petals that fell from my poinsettia? I’m alive, but sometimes my experience of “widow-hood” means the lack of energy and enthusiasm I’ve … Read More

Max Your Mind Video

Frustrated with your brain? Wishing you could remember where you put your car keys? Mature brains-those over 30-sometimes leave us stranded. Max Your Mind explains the process with humor and hope. … Read More

Tools for Calming Down

The Cozy Comforter Weighted vests can calm an agitated nervous system. These folks based out of Menomonie make them to order: … Read More

CVLA Interview Mind Maxing Conference

Hope you can join us to Max Your Mind on Saturday, October 6 at The Center (Day Retreat Center) Eau … Read More

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