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Snorkeling Sensory Peace

Senses were our gateway to fully enjoying each present moment during our pre-Christmas family vacation to Puerto Morales, Riviera Maya, Mexico. The 100 degree difference in temperature was our first … Read More

Max Your Mind with Chippewa Valley Local Authors on WEAU TV

  EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU)-- “Max Your Mind It's a Faith Based book written to give hope. To help maturing individuals recognize and appreciate the gifts of growing older. It's not all downhill … Read More

Max Your Mind on WEAU-TV

Max Your Mind was featured on WEAU-TV's Today Show. Special thanks to Noelle for promoting the literary art of Chippewa Valley Local … Read More

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Delightful performance--these ladies are having a GREAT time!

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Connections of the Heart LLC shared a link.

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