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Eight Great Ways to Max Your Mind

We’ve been given one mind with 100 billion brain cells. It performs 400 trillion processes every second, so it needs our help. These eight Fade-Fighting tips will help keep it sharp and humming along … [Read More]

Grateful for Max Your Mind’s Journey

Books like Ken Follett’s Pillars of the Earth and Jean Auel’s Earth’s Children series put me in awe of the writing process. How could anyone actually research and turn all that information into a … [Read More]

Max Your Mind Class Series

Why did I come into this room? If you've ever asked yourself this question, we'd like you to join us at the Center-Eau Claire for a combination book signing/brain chat on Sunday, July 19. Our four … [Read More]

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Stella and I made the first tracks in this morning's fresh snowfall--reminding me of creating new connections in my brain by trying something I hadn't done before.

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Sleep, teens, and instant messaging--new research and tips for parents.

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