Normandy D-Day Museum Article

Sense of Security (Sample Article)

Leader-Telegram – Eau Claire, WI
October 27, 2005

This article, published in the Eau Claire Leader Telegram was one of a series of monthly columns for parents written and photographed by Sandra Stanton. For reprint rights, or to arrange another article written specifically for your publication, send an email to Sandi.

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-used with permission, Leader-Telegram Eau Claire WI

5IVE for Women May-June 2012 “Digging for Hope”

Eau Claire Leader-Telegram, June 6, 2012 “Standing on Hallowed Ground”

Focus on the Family – September 2011 – Clubhouse Magazine Truth Pursuers “Brain Waves – Practice Makes Perfect”

October 2009 Teaching Today “Getting Restful Sleep-Naturally”

Senior Review August 2009 – “Indulge Your Funny Bone”

July 2009 Christian Writers’ Guild July online newsletter: Apprentice Publication Summaries.

June 2009 Senior Review published “Getting Restful Sleep-Naturally”

March/April 2008 Fostering Families Today published my FEATURE article: “Music: A Parent’s Tool for Brain Development”

February 2008  Focus on the Family / Focus on Your Child-Discovery Years 4-7 published my (short) article: “Be a Friend”

Poetica Grandmatica 2007- 2008 (book of collected poetry) published my poem “To One Year Old Maya”

Educators as Writers, published in 2006
Carol Smallwood, Ed., Peter Lang publisher
4000 word chapter contributed to the book including these sections::
• “Helpful Headlines”-writing for newspapers
• “Sharing Stories” – writing for regional magazines
• “Publishing Lesson Plans: Principle to Practical”

Wisconsin West Magazine, Eau Claire WI
• March-April 2006 “The Brain at Work”
(Brain Research Awareness Integration Network’s history and opportunities)
• July-Aug 2005 “S.P.O.T.S. House: A Family Affair. Therapy Center focuses on Children and their Families.”
• July-Aug 2004 “Soul Music, Chippewa Valley Style”
(Valley Gospel Choir)
• May-June 2004 “The Harp: Soothing the Mind and Body”
(Profile: Paula Smith, School Psychologist and Harp Therapist)
• March-April 2004 “Gifts from the Heart: Sally Krohn”
(Profile: ALS support provided by occupational therapist polio victim)
• Sept-Oct 2003 “Sweetwater’s, An Eau Claire Tradition”
(Restaurant review)
• July-Aug 2003 “Stantonworks: Downsized to a Harley-Davidson Upgrade”
(Profile: Harley Davidson Centennial Artist)
• July-Aug 2002 “Acupuncture: The part can never be well unless the whole is well.
• March-April 2002 “Let Green Mill Increase Your Fun Factor”
(Restaurant review)
• Nov-Dec 2001 “Spinning a Northwood’s Peace
(Nan Weiler, spinner of wool and wisdom)

Eau Claire Leader Telegram: Parenting Section
• Jan 26, 2006 “Rest, assured…Sleep allows the brain to make sense of daily experiences, so parents should make sure children get plenty of it.”
(Brain Tip #8 Sleep and Rest)
• Dec 29,2005 “Tuned in to the brain …Music and movement occur together automatically, preparing children to learn language and math concepts.”
(Brain Tip #7 Music)
• Nov 24, 2005 “For babies to learn to feel safe and loved, beginning at birth, parents and their young ones need to…Keep in touch”
(Brain Tip #6 Touch)
• Oct. 26, 2005 “ When parents allow children to learn from their mistakes, rather than try to fix things for youngsters, they help to build a…Sense of Security”
(Brain Tip #5 Security)
• Sept. 29, 2005 “When parents talk with their young children or bring out books at bedtime, they’re helping the youngsters to learn…Language Skills”
• August 26,2005 “Having fun turns on the brain, so parents need to recognize…Play as child’s work”
(BRAIN Tip #3 Play and Exploration)(Brain Tip #4 Reading)
• July 28, 2005 “The critical role of nutrition in the development of the brain should give parents…Food for thought.”
(BRAIN Tip #2 Good Food)
• June 30, 2005 “Through seeing, hearing and feeling, children Make Sense of the world around them.”
(BRAIN Tip #1 Interaction)
• Feb 24, 2005 “Unveiling Children’s Brains. Parents can do simple things to benefit youngsters’ development / Touch essential for children’s growth.”
(BRAIN Tips overview)

Eau Claire Leader Telegram: Religion Section
• March 5, 2005 Cultural Exchange. An Eau Claire woman visited a Thailand center that helps young women adjust to life outside their tribal villages but retain their heritage
• October 15, 2005 “To China with Love:. An Eau Claire Counselor Serves at Christian School”

Family Profile:
• January 2005 Please Bury Me In A Cookie Pail:
(Ethical Will of Alice Heglie)

Quality of Life Times – (Eau Claire Leader Telegram special publication)
• Nov 2003 “Habits of Goodness — A tribute to Sister Francis Regis Dobiesz”
(Profile Franciscan Nun)
• Nov 2003 “Festive Finery In A Holiday Style –Threade Bear at the Buffington Museum”

ASCA School Counselor
• Jan-Feb 2002 “Talking Circles: Native American Problem-Solving Circles Provide a Great Tool for Schools

Origins: A Newsletter for Educators
• Winter 2002 “Play Fair: A Win-Win Student Leadership Playground Program”

While on the governing board and as President of the Wisconsin School Counselor Assn. I published numerous newsletter and other professional pieces, which are not here specified

June, 1983 Wisconsin Counselor Journal
• “Give Other People Helpful. Enthusiastic. Reinforcement (G.O.P.H.E.R.): an elementary student recognition program.”

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