Speaking & Presentations

Presentation Options

Each interactive presentation is custom tailored to your group’s needs as you communicate them to me. Phone conferencing during early planning is encouraged.

Mind Maxing for Business

  • Brain Basics: The Gateway to Your Best “You”
    We will extend our discussion of Brain Basics to include emotion-processing systems in the brain and body, learning to switch from Fight or Flight to Rest and Digest mode. Mindfulness techniques using the breath to train our attention and create new neural pathways to manage stress. We will practice Heart-Brain Coherence, Focused Breathing and Stress Cues in the body. Tools to help you put the Key to Your Happiness in your own pocket will be demonstrated and practiced. Suggestions for follow-up practice to help you build your best life through gratitude, exercise, friendships, and joy will be provided.
  • Harnessing Humor for Positive Business Climate
    Organizational culture deserves our attention whether on the school playground, in the classroom, business clients or colleagues. Relationships and positive climate are keys to business success. This light-hearted, interactive keynote will introduce basic neuroscience describing brain cells and an ice cream cone model of the brain. Humor provides a workout for the brain. Focusing on emotional safety, relationships, laughter and non-verbal communication adds a new dimension to business practice. We will touch on Laughter Yoga, Servant Leadership, and business applications that have worked in business organizations
  • Making the Most of the Memory We Have Left
  • Brain Coaching for Joy

Mind Maxing for Parents

  • Building Baby’s Brain (for pre-natal to parents of children up to age 3)
    View Building Baby’s Brain video at momseveryday.com
  • Music and the Brain (modeling parents and toddlers playing together to music)
  • Brain Coaching Parenting Your School Age Child
  • Teen Brain: What’s Going on Up There (for parents of Teens)

Mind Maxing for Educators (including Child Care Providers)

  • Brain Coaching for Optimal Learning (six hour seminar)
  • Music and the Brain in Your Preschool Classroom
  • Gender Friendly Classrooms for Elementary School
  • Move It To Learn It at School

Mind Maxing (for Seniors)

  • Making the Most of the Memory We’ve Got Left
  • Max Your Mind with Humor
  • Five Class Series: Using Your Brain to Max Your Life (Senior Centers)
    1. Creating Your Own Happiness Creating Your Own Happiness
    2. Brain Basics and Memory Mechanics
    3. Managing Stress with Exercise, Nutrition, Humor and Music
    4. Prayer, Gratitude, Trust and Our God Connection
    5. Relationships and Your Brain