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Mind Maxing: Where Body and Spirit Merge for Peace

Mind Maxing: Where Body and Spirit Merge for Peace

Welcome Back to Brain Coaching!

Thanks to all of you who have continued reading the archived blogs. It feels good to be back posting current information after lots of help from tech professionals.

While away from the blog, I struggled with Breast Cancer and am cancer free, Praise God!  It was a long, difficult, but revealing journey, which left me with peace, insight, and trust in God. My husband has been dealing with lung cancer since 2009–never a smoker. Accepting the things we can’t change has been a spiritual workout for both of us, but we are stronger for it. We are so grateful for friends and family who supported us daily in prayer and with thoughtful acts we didn’t even know we needed. Now we are ready to resume “new normal”. Each day is indeed precious.

Brain Coaching remains my professional focus.  Neuroscientists at Boston’s Learning and the Brain Conference asked educators to translate their life’s work into usable information and bring it to the people who can benefit.  I’ve been Brain Coaching ever since. As a school counselor,  I was often asked “Why do they/I do those things?”. While we tried to keep a positive focus, this question often led to blame, shame, guilt, and no resolution to the problem. When we looked objectively instead at the brain’s role, needs and operation we were better able to find positive,  effective solutions.

My neuroscience background got an extra boost when the B.R.A.I.N. Team of Eau Claire County, a group of professionals I volunteer with, received “First Five Years” training from the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families. While research studies are behind the information we teach, our audiences seem to prefer learning from experience based stories and hands on activites.  Works for me!

The alphabet soup behind my name?

NCC- Nationally Certified Counselor NCC since 1984

LPC -Licensed Professional Counselor LPC (Wisconsin License)

BCC- Board Certified Coach – National Certification for Heath and Wellness, Life and Personal Coaching

Since I “retooled” Connections of the Heart LLC after retiring from school counseling, I’ve been studying, speaking, writing and coaching with a backdrop of neuroscience— Brain Coaching. I received my Board of Certified Coaching (BCC) certificate in 2012. What can I say? I’m addicted to learning, and look forward to working with you. I’d love to speak for your group, write an article for your publication, or become your thinking partner and encourager through 1:1 Health and Wellness Coaching.  Hard to believe this weeks’ “Max Your Mind with Humor and More” was my 93rd presentation, which over the years have taken me across the US, to Canada, China and long ago to Bitburg Air Base in Germany.

My schedule and list of publications are posted on my website. I’d love to add yours to the list!

This blog will offer tips rotating monthly between

(1) Early Childhood for Parents and Caregivers
(2) Boomers and Better
(3) Educators

Brain Coaching will be the common thread at all these levels. I’m hopeful that we will be able to learn from and encourage each other. Please feel free to comment, raise your questions, and share things that work for you.

Can’t wait to hear from you!


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