Max Your Mind

Max Your Mind: The Owner’s Guide for a
Strong Brain

“Your book helped me connect to the best version of myself and let my heart and mind work in harmony. God bless you!!”

-IKI Linz, Arizona

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Frustrated with your brain? How would you like to remember where you put your car keys? Is multitasking working for you? Do you ever wonder how you drove to your destination? Baby boomers may be painfully aware of “the Fade”—as parts of our mind, body, spirit and relationships change and slow down through the years. “Max Your Mind” points out many benefits or “the Boost” that come with maturity, while offering tips to stay sharp and deal with the down side.


Sandi reviews brain improvement tips in “Max Your Mind”

If you are willing to explore some uncharted waters, you may discover satisfying gifts that light up your brain. Retirement can mean a second wind and a new sense of purpose. “Max Your Mind” takes a light hearted look from a spiritual perspective at the serious subject of the ways brain, body, spirit and relationships work together so we can more easily make choices to stay healthy and happy.

Researchers have great news for us! Our brains are “plastic”, which means they change, improving and growing stronger in many ways as long as we give them what they need. However, scientific studies may not be everyone’s favorite reading material. “Max Your Mind” uses anecdotal stories to translate their work into usable tips that we can apply to our everyday lives. Conversational neuroscience can help us a make life-giving choices. Solutions appear that we can accept without blame or shame. Reader friendly applications can guide us to live fully as God intended. We hope you will find hope, help and humor within the pages.

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Sandi signs another copy of “Max Your Mind”

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