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Eight Gifts You Can Give Your Child’s Brain

Nothing brightens my day like a baby’s contagious laugh. We can give them what they need to be happy, without breaking the bank. April celebrates the young child. These tips might help you, parents … [Read More]

Trust in Kauai – Zip lining.

“Just keep walking until there’s nothing under you, then sit down and enjoy the ride” I waited ‘til last in line,  grabbed the strap with both hands, took a deep breath and walked off the platform at … [Read More]

Digging for Hope

Colors wink at me today where monster weeds and tangles of roots drowned my spirit just over a month ago. My garden brings me hope for a fresh start.  A couple of years ago I was climbing out of … [Read More]

College girls napping

Getting Restful Sleep Naturally

Rumble strips jolted me back from drowsy driving on my afternoon commute.  The sun and hum of the road had lulled me into a trance after I sat down for the first time all day. The bridge rail came way … [Read More]

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New information on Episodic (environmental/story) memory formation and protection is described in this article. It's rather technical, but leads to hope. Check it out.

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Connections of the Heart LLC changed their profile picture.

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